The Insane Guide on How to Make More Money with Blogging in 2019

how to make more money with blogging

Who doesn’t want to make money online? When it comes to blogging, passion and hard work is something you need at the very first place. But being passionate is not just enough. It is known that money is the best motivator. When you will get paid to do what you love or have passion about then you will automatically get fuel up.

Blogging doesn’t need qualification, but it requires some knowledge and experience about the topic which are going to start and which are going to write.

So today I have jotted down some ideas to make more money as a blogger. But before I start, I should mention that these are some ideas I have shared which will be applicable for any kind of blogger no matter what your niche is.

You should start a blog with a niche which you are good at. And then you have to attract the audience. There are so many ways you can earn online if you have an excellent blog or website. Online Earning with blogging is difficult unless you know some of the best methods to earn.

Tips on making more money with blogging

No matter which niche you are in, making money with a blog is possible; whether it is a traveling blog  or a fashion blog.

Let’s dive in and see how you can earn money with your blog.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the most common way of making money through online. This is the easiest method to make good revenue. The process is pretty simple. After creating a blog and generating some traffic, create a Google AdSense Account and link it with your blog. After that Google will automatically display Ads in your content. Whenever someone visits your blog will see the ads or click on Ads, you will get paid.

What is CPC Ads?

CPC (Cost per click) is also known as pay-per-click ads are usually banners that you place in your content or sidebar. Each time a visitor clicks on that ad you will get paid for that click.  The amount you are entitled to for that click depends on CPC rate for a particular keyword which is determined by advertiser company. The most common CPC ad type and the best ad networking platform is AdSense.

What is CPM?

Cost per thousand Impressions is known as CPM ads, and they pay a fixed amount of money based on how many people view your ads which is nothing but the Impressions. Generally, you will get paid for a thousand Impressions based on the country and the CPC you are working on.

How much money can you Make through CPM?

One thing I want to make it clear for CPM. The amount of earning completely depends on some various factors. First thing is your blog traffic. You will make money only for those ads that will appear in front of the audience. So how many people are watching those ads will decide the payment you will receive. Only way to boost your earning this way is generate a lot of traffic to your blog.

Next thing is type of your blog content. Some specific kind of content get a good amount of earning with average number of audience and some get just an average amount for huge number of views. So, it basically depends on how much companies in your niche are paying for per view or per click. And that is based on CPC rate I mentioned above. But you should select a top niche to start your blog.

The most popular network for placing this type of CPC and CPM ads is Google AdSense. Google AdSense is the best ad network which will pay you the higher amount for every click and every thousand Impressions based on your country CPC. is the second largest ad network platform which will pay the good amount for impressions and clicks and this is an alternative of Google Adesnse.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is another great way to earn more money with your blog. The concept is really simple. You are writing content over a specific niche. Some companies which are looking forward to the audience of your niche will pay you an amount for advertising their product/brand on your content. This basically works in the rub off method.

Now, things here also depend on type of content and blog traffic. Tech related sponsors will pay comparatively big amount than sponsors of Fashion Content. And sponsors also looks for how much traffic your blog generate because that decides how much value you are adding to their brand. According to that they will offer you the sponsorship amount.

So, the more traffic is the more amount of earning.

If you have good DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority), people will ask to place their articles on your website. Using this method, you can earn the right amount if you place two to three articles daily.

If your blog or website has good organic traffic, then you can start sponsoring articles. The sponsorship in articles includes various niches, but you have to choose the correct niche article which can help your blog traffic. This is the best method to earn and as well as you can gain massive traffic to your website.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing has a very own reputation as an earning method. More or less all of us have heard of Affiliate Marketing. Let me describe it to you in a very simple way. You must have idea about the commission based sales concept. It is the concept where you will get a specific amount/percentage of money for every sale you close.

Just sign in with an affiliate program for the product you want to sale. The next step is to link your unique affiliate URL with a product you are promoting in you articles. After that, whenever someone makes a purchase via your URL, you will automatically receive the commission.

As a blogger, earning money with Affiliate Marketing is an obvious choice. The type of products to Affiliate completely depends on your niche. Traffic is also a huge component here. If you have a huge traffic then the number of sales will be huge and you will end up getting a very huge amount of commission.

Sell Private Ads

So many people don’t know that you will get paid if you sell an ad space from your website to the companies. Working with advertising networks is not only the option to earn money with blogging instead you can switch to selling direct Ads.

Once again, If you have very good traffic on your blog or website advertisers may come directly to you, and they will ask you to place ads on your website.

Most of these people come up with offering a perfect monthly amount which is fixed to show their ads on your site. If you lead the excellent generations to the company, they will pay you more according to your work on getting the leads to the supposed company.

They will give you the banners you have to place on your website and more than that you have nothing to do.

Sell Physical Products

Selling your own product is one another common way how bloggers earn money. Like other techniques this also depends on your blog traffic. There are a lot of products you can serve with your blog. If you are a fashion related blogger then you can easily manufacture fashion related products and sell them to your audience. You may also keep merchandise products such as T-shirt, Cap, Coffee Mugs, Wrist Band designed with your brand name and logo. If you have a genuine fan base, they will surely appreciate it and it will also become a marketing tool for your brand.

Sell Digital Products

Beside selling physical products, you can also sell digital products. There are app developers who promote and sale their app or software with their blog. You can provide a free version of your app for the users and add some premium services. If the user pays for the premium services you will get the money. You can also offer services like app design, app development etc.

You may also consider selling following digital products

  • online eBooks,
  • online courses,
  • Apps, themes and plugins
  • Membership

If you find a good app developer, then you can offer to download apps, or you can sell apps through your site which are useful to readers.

Paid Review

No matter whatever your niche is, there will be brands in the market which has similar to your niche. Simply, write a promotional review for their brand/product and charge the company. Here also, the payment depends on how much audience you can generate to that content. If you have a blog with good amount of traffic, company will find you to promote their products using review articles.

This process is also known as content marketing.

Resale Your Blog

This way will only be valuable for you if you are a professional blogger. As a professional blogger, you must know that how to generate traffic on a blog, how to make it user-friendly, how to attract audience etc. So, simply create a blog and generate some traffic in regular blogging process. After you generate some traffic, sale that blog to someone else and you can earn some instant cash.


All these things will come across to you once you start to gain the massive traffic to your blog. Every method of making money online is genuine, and the only thing which differs is your effort on it.

So, that was my list of ideas for those of you who want to earn more money as a blogger. But, please don’t rush for money. At the beginning, just focus on the quality of content and build your audience. After you do that properly, your blog will be an asset and it will generate money automatically for you.

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