How to make money on Medium: 3 Actionable ways to make first $100

How to make money with medium

Money making online is way more popular than you think, and there are so many ways to earn income, and you can turn it into the profession. Making money with the medium is one of the best ways to earn by writing instantly.

Most of the people writing on the medium platform and they are earning very good profits instantly just after writing. ‘Medium’ will pay you for the claps your article receives. If anyone applauds clap to your article, then the medium will think that your article is worthy.

When we talk in practical, how much money can you make with the medium platform? Is it a legitimate way to make money on medium?

You will get to know all these answers in this article if you stay till the last line. Alright, let’s take a look on this detailed Guide of money making ways with the medium.

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How to Make money with Medium

You can make money using Medium by Writing regularly, Promoting affiliates and Promoting your blog. These methods are best to make money with Medium, and personally, I like the first one to make instant money.

Making money with the medium is simple than you think. Because if you have the amazing writing skills then you will be paid for the writings you publish on this platform.

If people like your content and people engage with your content, then they will show the love to your article. The more claps you receive to your article the more value your article is going to make.

Medium is the only platform which allows anyone to register, post, and earn money. There are a lot of people who are making income already and here is the screenshot for your reference.


Never bother about what is demotivating you from making money online because there are several methods to earn online income and blogging is one of the best methods people suggest. You can simultaneously run a blog, and you can post articles on medium to earn instant money.

People will think that these things will go crazy and they don’t believe that you can make money online by just writing a post.

Let me clarify that you are not going to earn money for your article, you are making money for the best part of your article which is teaching someone to make their way. If your article help someone and they like your article, then you are going to get some bucks.

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Writing quality articles

You need not to fill your profile with longer content, and instead, you have to write in quality in-depth, informative content. People like only with informative content for which they are searching for.

If you are ready to give them a solution by providing an informative article to their questions, then people will follow you. The more followers and more claps you can gain the more value your articles going to make.

Pick a topic where you have a lot of interest to share your experiences and your knowledge and believe that people will love your content. If your content is outdated, then people don’t like to waste their time by reading your article because when you post an article in the medium, the average time duration will be displayed.

Before writing an article, make sure that you have good knowledge about what you are going to write because its people ask you in comments, then you have to answer them properly.

This will increase your relationship with readers and they like to read your content more and more, and probably they will share your article.

You can also rank in search engines with just your article on the medium platform because the Medium platform has already the better domain authority and page rank so that you can easily rank for the topic you write on medium.

This is how you can make money with the medium by writing quality articles. And the next thing is promoting affiliate products.

Promoting Affiliate products

You can make huge money with affiliate programs as most of the bloggers are making already. 80% of the bloggers and marketers will say that their favorite method of making money online is affiliate marketing.

You don’t have an idea about what affiliate marketing can pay you for the successful sales. That’s the reason why most of the bloggers like affiliate marketing and they don’t like AdSense.

how to make money on medium

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There are millions of products you can share online, and you can promote online. There are thousands of marketers who want to publish their products online by approaching the quality and top bloggers or marketers online.

Nowadays even a low-level business is targeting online, because of the actionable conversions. You can easily handle people to purchase a product if you can write a guided content without common mistakes.

Pick an affiliate program according to your topic and start making money online. Always remember a point that your article should be informative, and people have to believe that you are giving the solution to purchase the product but not you are forcing.

ShareASale, Commission Junction, Clickbank and Impact Radius are top affiliate programs to join. You can easily join any one of these affiliate programs and you can start picking your product and promoting on the medium profile.

Promoting your blog/website

There is nothing more satisfying than making passive income while you are enjoying your holiday trips. Blogging is one of the best ways to earn passive income. You can make hundreds of dollars in a day or you may hardly make $100 in a year.

It depends on you how much you are promoting your blog and how you are getting traffic. When it comes to driving the social traffic to your blog you are already trying with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn.

But what if you come to know that you can drive huge traffic to your website by social bookmarking sites. Medium is one of the best social bookmarking sites to save your website and to promote your website to get social traffic.

You will get excellent referral traffic, and all the traffic will be genuine. If your blog is about affiliate sales, then you can make handsome money if you can drive thousands of traffic per month through the medium.

Most of the people just read your content on this platform they don’t like to visit any external link, but you have to create an impact on you later, and he should click the link you are promoting.

There are several methods and secrets you can write a suspense article which leads The reader to click your external link.

So, these are some simple methods to earn money through the medium. Who is going to pay you for your writings better than this platform? And if you find any alternative to medium, then please comment here, and if you like the article, please share it with your friends who are struggling to make money.

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