How to hide tags in WordPress posts without installing plugins (GUIDE)

How to hide tags in WordPress posts

Tags are one of the most important factors you will know when you learn SEO. But, most of the people don’t like to display their tags in WordPress articles. So How to hide tags in WordPress blog posts?

The answer is you can easily hide tags on WordPress blog posts using a simple HTML tweak.

WordPress is the biggest used CMS platform to create websites and there are plenty of reasons why WordPress is better.

The question is very simple, but most of the people get confused on this, and they play with the code in WordPress. In result, it may damage some of the main functions of WordPress.

The more beautiful your content appears to the audience the more people like to share your content. This will increase your social shares.

To maintain, a beautiful layout you have to hide some portions in WordPress and tags are one of them. When you use one or two tags on your blog post, then it won’t look messy but when you use 20+ tags, then it will.

What are tags?

Tags are like a showcase to someone who wants to know your article. Tags will define the category, sub-category, and also they help to rank in search engines.

You can spend less time to concentrate on tags or you can generate tags from online. But they are not worth to waste your precious time. Just simply search for online tag generators and pick anyone.

Online tag generators will give you hundreds of tags to use, but you can pick related tags. If you like to add hundreds of tags to posts, then you have to hide tags from showing on your blog posts.

Because showing hundreds of tags before the comment section will be annoying. Isn’t it?

How to hide tags in WordPress posts

Now, to save time you can hide tags in WordPress blog posts with simple HTML tweaks. Installing a plugin will be a waste of time to hide tags. So here is the screenshot after you added a code in WordPress to hide tags.

How to hide tags in WordPress posts

So here is the code. Just copy the code and paste it in ‘Additional CSS section’.

.tags-links {display:none;}

If you are a beginner and if you don’t know where to add this code then follow these steps to navigate to the additional CSS section. Just log in to the Dashboard and click on Appearance and then you will have an option ‘Customization.’

If you are already logged in, then you can easily see the customization option when you open any page/post of your blog in a new tab. Here is the simple way you can make changes.

Dashboard->Appearance->Themes->Customization->Additional CSS (Scroll down until you see this).

How to hide tags in WordPress?

You can add a simple HTML Code to hide tags in WordPress,

“.tags-links {display:none;}”

Will this code work for every theme?

It depends on the theme you are using but in most cases, the code will work with almost all themes because it is a simple code irrespective of theme modification. If you look on the topic in WordPress forums then you may come up with different types of tags based on the theme they are using.

How to hide tags in WordPress posts

You can see that people ask the question by including their theme name in it because no two themes are configured the same. In one of my blogs, I use Generate press theme, and it worked properly.

How to hide tags in WordPress posts

As you can see in the pic, MotoPress is a theme, and they included the code differently. You can simply ask your theme to provide the HTML code to hide tags or you can search in Google.

Here are the two best methods to hide tags without installing plugins.

  • Most of the themes have the options to hide tags and categories in theme customization options. You can hide tags from the options menu.
  • You can also search in forums, or you can contact the theme provider to give the access to hide tags, or you can ask a code similar to this.

How important are tags for SEO?

I must say ‘0%’.

At the beginning of optimization time, everything matters in SEO to find out the topics and categories of particular posts but now everything is changed, and you don’t have to worry about tags now.

I recommend not to waste time on tags because tags won’t affect your SEO anymore. Read this article from SEJournal to know more in depth.

How important are tags for SEO?

But one of my friends from tech blog said that when he used more than 100 tags in a WordPress blog post, then the article ranked within few days than the articles for which he didn’t’ use any tags.

It’s up to you to choose from using less or no tags. But this article helps you hide tags in WordPress. When the code doesn’t work, then you can ask theme provider on the same issue, or you can rise question in the forums.

Almost every theme supports this code, and your tags will be hidden in the front-end after inserting the code in WordPress additional CSS section.

Meta keyword tags in SEO

You can see multiple meta tags types in SEO, and they are title tag, alt tag, meta tags, etc. Title tags are way more important than the meta keyword tags. If you want to improve your rankings in SEO, then you can go with the perfect title and alt tag optimization.

Check this guide on How to increase your SEO rankings by 41% using Image tags.

Alright! Now, when you wish to spend time on keyword tags to insert in post tags section, then My recommendation is not to waste time on that and instead use LSI keywords in your blog post.

This will insist the Google to update their algorithm on your pages and posts. By using this method, you can quickly boost up your search visibility in the search engines. If you have 5 minutes before publishing your article then only go for tags to find and to use in your blog posts.

This is how you can hide tags in WordPress blog posts to make your page clean and simple. Finally, using too many tags may make your page messy, but you can use up to 10 tags without hiding them.

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